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You can make the ticket reservation for the chosen flight.
For booking the ticket you can:

  1. Call us and make the request for necessary air ticket.
  2. Send us demand by e-mail specifying points of departure and arrivals, dates, necessary class of booking, additional services, and also contact phones.
  3. Send us demand by fax.

You can also make the order of the VIP pass in the airport.


Take advantage of the easy way to buy your rail tickets in Ukraine. You still have to queue at the station with your passport to purchase train tickets, but we offer an easy service to make it simple for you!

We strongly recommend that you pre-purchase your rail tickets. Certain routes, at holiday times in particular, are quickly sold out. Waiting until you arrive, to buy tickets locally might result in your train being unavailable.

We book Ukrainian train tickets and hand you upon airport pick up on your arrival or deliver them into the hotel or flat of your accommodation.

For schedules of trains connecting, please, e-mail us. Please note that train tickets in Ukraine are bookable 42 days or less prior to the departure date.

Train Classification

Train classification in Ukraine differs from European one. Train carriages and cabins do or do not have some usual for European or American traveler amenities. To serve you better we offer you detailed classification.

Express Trains. These are the best trains in Ukraine, usually going overnight between big regional centers of the country. Those trains make quite a few stopovers en-rout, have carriages of good quality and OK service. Express trains usually have 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages. Some of those trains include 1st class carriages for peak seasons, and exclude them for the rest of the year.

Passenger Trains. Quite slow trains, making numerous stopovers. Traveling might take up to 30 hours for long-distance routs. The quality of a train depends on a rout and may vary from good to barely acceptable. As a rule, these trains have 2nd, 3rd and 4th class carriages.

Carriages Classification

Carriages classification in Ukraine differs from European standards. There are 5 types of carriages on the trains in Ukraine: SW (sleeping wagon), coupe, platzcart, common wagon (with numbered reserved seats), and sit up (on suburban trains). For convenience we have put classification - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class.

  • 1st class, (SW), sleeper. This is the best type of carriages in Ukraine. Every carriage has 9 or 10 cabins, 2 berths in each cabin.
  • 2nd class, (coupe), sleeper. 2nd class is usually quite acceptable type of carriages. The quality depends on a train.
  • 3rd class, (platzcart), sleeper. Is not the best choice. Each carriage has 54 berths, among which 36 berths of normal type (in cabins) and 18 sides located (along the passageway). Berths are in two levels.
  • 4th class, (common wagon). Actually, this is a 3rd class carriage, for which tickets are sold without assigning exact berth numbers (or just with symbolic number of a seat). The unlimited quantity of tickets can be sold for this type of a carriage since it is supposed that it can accommodate 150 persons at a time.



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