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Немного об Украине

Ukraine is a republic with the state power divided into executive, legislative and ludtcial. The official language is Ukrainian. Ukraine covers an area of 603,700 sq. km. (by comparison France covers an area of 551,600 sq. km.) and Ukraine's population is close to 47 million. The population of Kyiv is close to 3 million.

All the monetary transactions are conducted strictly in Ukrainian currency — the Hryvnya (100 kopecks). Currency exchange booths are located at hotels, airports and throughout the cities.

A phone card for local and long distance calls from the public telephone can be purchased at any post office and 3t hotels, shops and kiosks. We can give you a piece of advice Co buy a SIM-card of Ukrainian mobile operator. It will minimize you phone calls expenses as for the calls throughout Ukraine as for international calls (ask regarding cheap calls abroad at the point of purchase) International telephone service is available in all hotels, and, also, at the Main Post Offices, where calls can also be paid for in cash Long distance info — 079. International operators — 8-191/2/3/4/5 — all speaking foreign languages. To make a long distance call — dial 8 + city code + desired number. To make an international call — dial 8 + 10 + country code + city code + desired number.

Telephone code for Ukraine is 380, city of Kyiv — (0) 44.

Ukrainian time is 2 hours more than G.M.T.

Kyiv is an ancient city at least 1500 years old. full of cultural landmarks, such as the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (an assemblage of 80 of the most glorious churches, including the spectacular newly-rebuilt Uspenskiy (Assumption) Cathedral, museums and defense structures on the slopes of the Dnipro nvcr) which has no equal in the world or the St. Sophia Church (11th cent.) or the St Michael's Goldendomed Monastery recently renovated. Si Andrew's Church and many others Among the great many Kyiv museums. some might be of especial interest for the foreign visitor: the Museum of Historical Treasures containing precious metals and precious stone artifacts dating back to the pre-Christian era (notably the Scythian Gold, now world-famous Pectoral), or the State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative and Applied art — gorgeous folk icons, beautiful and colorful Ukrainian folk costumes, folk art. tapestry, Easter eggs, etc., or the National Fine Arts Museum, or the Bohdan andVarvara Khanenko Museum housing a large collection of West-European art: Bellini. Perugino. Velasquez. Weenix. Tiepolo, as well as a great collection of Oriental art Approximately 60 galleries display wonderful Ukrainian art — already recognized in Europe.

The National Opera of Ukraine is Kyivs pride and glory (IS performances per month) and its Ballet (18 performances per month) is considered one of the best in Europe. S symphony orchestras, and endless chamber orchestras and ensembles are holding an average of 60 classical music concerts per month. In addition, a great number of International music (Vladimir Horowitz Piano competition), ballet (Serge bfar) theater and cinema festivals take place.

Entertainment — the most popular place of Kyiv night life is Arena City with its night clubs, restaurants, discos and luxurious boutiques besides classical music, jazz, rock and disco are very popular, nightclubs abound. Gabneln casino. Matrix Disco and the Millenium Night Club are available at the Dnipro Hotel (Khreshchatyk. 1/2).

Sports — UMC Tennis open in the Challenger series. Davis Cup often held in Kyiv. Dnipro Cup regatta. Darling equestrian Cup. Kyiv is also home to the world-renowned Dynamo Kyiv soccer team.


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