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Excursions: Kiev




(price per excursions)
  hours 1 - 3 4-6 7- 15 16 - 26 27-45
City-tour combined with walk along ancient Podol's district 3 ˆ 100 ˆ 126 ˆ 134 ˆ 146 ˆ 191
and St. Andrew Church            
Kievo-Petcherskaya Lavra with museum of microminiatures and Ukrainian Applied Art 3 ˆ 138 ˆ 179 ˆ 255 ˆ 355 ˆ 554
St.Andrew Church 2 ˆ 82 ˆ 112 ˆ 150 ˆ 199 ˆ 314
St.Sophie Cathedral 2 ˆ 70 ˆ 90 ˆ 96 ˆ 105 ˆ 139
Museum of Ukrainian history 2 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Museum of the World War II 2 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Botanical Garden 2 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Fine Arts Museum of Russia and Ukraine 2 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Oriental and Western Arts Museum 2 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Excursion on ship along the Dnipr (May-Sept.) 1,5 ˆ 79 ˆ 46 ˆ 35 ˆ 29 ˆ 25
Museum of Architekture and Folk Tradition in Pirogovo (15 km) 3,5 ˆ 118 ˆ 68 ˆ 50 ˆ 42 ˆ 37
Kievo-Petcherskaya Lavra with museum of microminiatures and St.Sophie Cathedral 4 ˆ 130 ˆ 75 ˆ 57 ˆ 47 ˆ 41
Excursion to Chernigov with lunch on spot 8 ˆ 226 ˆ 138 ˆ 88 ˆ 71 ˆ 61
Excursion to Uman with lunch on spot 8 ˆ 294 ˆ 160 ˆ 104 ˆ 84 ˆ 72
Ukrainian National Opera and Ballet Theatre 4 ˆ 98 ˆ 63 ˆ 50 ˆ 43 ˆ 40
Circus 3 ˆ 85 ˆ 56 ˆ 45 ˆ 40 ˆ 38
Folklore 3 ˆ 85 ˆ 56 ˆ 45 ˆ 40 ˆ 38

City-tour (with walk along ancient Podol's district and St.Andrew Church with Andreevsky descent)
Kiev City Tour Sites to visit during city tour: "Vladimir's Old Town" - the place were Prince Vladimir the Baptist founded his Kremlin and built the first Christian church in Kievan Rus State that was destroyed in 1240 during Tartar-Mongol invasion. See the copy of the foundation of the Church of Tithe, panorama ground (a marvelous view of the Lower Old Town called Podol) St. Andrew's Church (designed by famous architect Rastrelli who was a court architect of Russian Tsaritsa Elizabeth) - outside visit. Nearby open-air souvenir market (10-15 minutes) St.Sophia Cathedral - outside visit. The tourists come into the territory of the Cathedral, see all the buildings, a belfry, take pictures - but from outside. Mikhaylovsky Cathedral (St. Michael's Cathedral), 1070-88. Outside visit. Destroyed in 1936. After its reconstruction in 1998 the cathedral acquired a Baroque appearance. The Golden Gate of Kiev - outside visit University building, Opera House, Kreshchatik Street (main Kiev boulevard) - from the bus (car). Arch of Friendship Monument to the founders of the city of Kiev St.Vladymyr's Cathedral (inside) - if the time permits. Dnipro river is long and beautiful (the 3d longest river in Europe).

Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra (Monastery)
The monastery was founded in the 11th century and is subdivided into the Upper Lavra and the Near and Far Pechery (caves of the monks). The underground galleries (caves) hold the imperishable relicts of Lavra monks who lived in the 10th-15th centuries.

St. Sophia Cathedral
During the rule of Yroslav the Wise, Prince of the Kievan Rus, the son of Vladimir the Baptist (Vladimir the Great) who brought the Christianity to the land, the construction of St. Sophia Cathedral began (1037). Built in Byzantine style, decorated with ancient mosaics (13th century craftsmen used about 177 shades of cubes) and wall paintings (frescos) inside.

National Museum of Ukrainian Arts
The museum is located in the very center of the city (near Evropeiskaya Square) and presents a collection of paintings beginning with icons of the 12th century.

Oriental and Western Arts Museum
The private collection of rich and famous families of Khanenko and Morozov (19th century) is admirable because of exposition of the best paintings of Russian and foreign artists since the middle ages.

History of Kyiv Museum
In the oldest (Pechersk) district of Kyiv you can find a museum of the history of Kyiv.

Excursion on ship along the Dnipro (May - September)
Blossoming of the Dniper hills, blue waves of the ancient river, nights full of stars, high standard service, numerous board events and communication with travellers from the different countries of the world will leave you with unforgettable memories, and you will decide to return on board the ship.

Wooden open-air museum Pirogovo Village
Overall the open-air museum (150 hectares) there are 300 architectural monuments from all over Ukraine. You can admire the wooden churches and cottages (khatas) rescued from ruins. A wooden "khata" is the temple of Ukrainian soul. There is the four hundred -year-old church of St. Mikhail as well as many other brought to this place from all over Ukraine.

Chernigiv (180 km from Kyiv)
Chernigiv is a picturesque ancient town on the bank of the river Desna you can admire thousand-year monasteries and beautiful landscapes. The history of the Kievan Rus state of the 9th century can't go without the linkage with Chernigiv, the 2nd biggest town after Kyiv.

Uman (180 km from Kyiv)
Two-hours by car from Kyiv and you can enjoy a beautiful park founded several centries ago.

Ukrainian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
The theatre is famous for its classic operas and ballets performed by professional and recognized all over the world dancers and singers.

Be inspired by 2-hour show of air acrobats, clowns and performances of wild animals.

You are welcome to visit national Ukrainian shows (singing and dancing).

Incentive Ideas

River cruise with picnic on an island
Cruise: double-deck 'Dovzhenko' motor ship, narrated voyage, cold buffet on board (it takes about 1 hour to get the island).
Activities: team-building activities, hammocks, tents, lunch prepared on fire and on char grill, rent of jet ski. (May - September)
Capacity: 30-35 pax.

Firing ranges and aerodromes of the Kiev district
We offer: firing from hand-held weapons, driving in IFVs and tanks, practices on simulators, flying on fighters, strike-fighters and helicopters, fighters show of the 'Ukrainian Falcons' air group, dinner around the campfire.
Restrictions: age from 21 to 65, health fitness.

'Bolivar' Rancho
General: In 20 minutes of drive from Kiev in the age-old pine forest is located an exclusive country complex a wooden rancho.
Offers: The rancho offers a wide range of services to arrange different events and activities. The restaurant offers dishes of the best European cuisine. Your event may be animated by live music or performance of stuntmen. To feel a real cowboy you can either ride a horse or a pony, or coach in a hundred years old carriage. If you prefer active rest, at your disposal are tennis courts, a football field, a badminton court, ping-pong tables, quads, bikes, ice rink and ski. The extreme lovers will appreciate a flight on a helicopter or on a balloon, you can play paintball, as well. For some fishing on the rancho's pond will be the best rest. To relax the rancho invites you to the sauna where traditional bathing besoms, rubdown and a pool will make you feel the second birth. To create the holyday atmosphere you can order fireworks.
Capacity: up to 200 pax.

Party on the board of the old plane in State Aviation Museum
General: the exposition of State Aviation Museum covers over 0.2 sq. km. More than 50 planes and helicopters are presented here. They were used in the USSR and Ukraine Air Forces or flied in the civil aviation. There are in the collection famous Tu-22 "Backfire" strategic bombers, world largest Mi-26 helicopter, the world fastest combat intelligence aircraft MiG-25, flying three times faster than sonic, and superlarge widebody Il-86 airbus.
Location: State Aviation Museum is situated in the Kiev suburb, near Zhulyany airport. Offers: Big parties and celebrations can be arranged inside the plane!

Ostrich farm
General: Have you ever seen a small ostrich? Besides of male adult ostriches here you can see from newborns to grown specimen. In the farm there are more than one hundred ostriches. The tour includes a visit to the local zoo where you can observe closely pheasants, ducks, goats life. Location: The biggest ostrich farm in Ukraine is located in Kiev region, at 1 hour distance from Kiev. The territory occupies almost 20 square hectares and additionally 60 square hectares are assigned for fodder growth.
Offers: besides of the excursion to the ostrich farm lunch at the local restaurant with ostrich eggs and ostrich meat dishes is offered. Also souvenirs made from ostrichskin and ostrich eggs can be bought.

Tour to Chernobyl
General: 1-day tour to Chernobyl zone will impress you by the tidy revetment on the edges of the road, studded with yellow signs. These ramparts are places of conservation of radio-active garbage and of remainders from whole villages. After that a photo-stop near the 4th reactor of the station. The tourists will be 100 m. from the main closed object of the zone! A visit to the press centre (except weekends!) and a documentary film demonstrating the liquidation and liquidators of the man-caused catastrophe on the 4th reactor. On your way you can see a "red forest", which was left for scientific researches. After that a "ghost city" Prypyat. You will visit the flats, left in 1986 where private things still can be found: kitchen utensils, furniture, curtains, books, musical instruments, toys!! You will see the town that was left by its 50 thousand inhabitants within 24 hours. The spirit of Soviet times darkness reign here. You can make pictures of National Emblem of the Soviet Union and of Soviet Ukraine, slogans 'Piece, Labor and May", red-yellow public call-box and other objects that are symbols of the 80-s in the Soviet Union. The tour includes an ecologically clean dinner. You can participate in the cooking and checking the products with a special device (so called dosimeter). After lunch visit to Chernobyl. The tour ends with radiation control on the block post.

Venues For Special Events

Venue: Audience hall in the Kiev Opera
General: one of the most beautiful Neo-Renaissance buildings in Kiev, the Ukrainian opera was built in 1901.
Location: Volodimirskaja str.
We offer: cocktails, receptions, gala dinners (some of the honoured artists or singers can join to you).
Capacity: 60 pax.

Venue: Court of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine
General: Located on the Volodimirski descent the National Philharmonic Hall was built in the late 19th century and rebuilt in 1996. Its court was formerly used as a ballroom, nowadays it is the preferred hall of the Russian Embassy to held receptions.
We offer: performance of the Folk Instruments Orchestra extended with symphonic instruments or ethnic musical and dancing groups. Cocktails, receptions, gala dinners.
Capacity: 50-60 pax.

Venue: Audience hall of the St. Sophia's Cathedral
General: The first stone church and the principal cathedral of the ancient Kievan Russia built 11th century. The Khlebnia audience hall is decorated with orthodox icons and frescoes
We offer: receptions, buffets assisted by concert of the 'Renaissance' Symphonic Chapel or Revoutsky Male Choir.
Capacity: 30-40 pax.


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