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Intercity offers a wide range of Meetings & Conferences service in the main cities and towns of Ukraine. In these cities there is excellent combination of well-developed infrastructure, high-level services and inspiring leisure capabilities. State-of-the-art conference facilities can be found in the finest hotels, as well as in a variety of modern congress centers and historical buildings. Choose your destination city and rely upon our expert knowledge and experience to arrange your convention carefully crafted from inception to conclusion.

We would appreciate to arrange for you:
  • Incentive programs
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Seminars
  • Master-classes
  • Training sessions
  • Corporate events
  • Celebrations
  • Round tables
  • Business-lunches and so on

Please send us your request and we will make all the arrangement for your event!

Exhibition hall "ACCO International"

Exhibition hall "ACCO International" is located in park area of the central part of Kyiv and has a convenient road junction.
Thanks to its technical equipping, exhibition pavilion "ACCO International" can carry out any type of events: congresses, conferences and symposia, festivals, competitions and fashion shows, corporative parties and presentations, show programs. We create all necessary conditions for preparing and conducting exhibitions.
Exhibition Centre has covered exposition area - 2800 sqm, open areas - 1800 sqm., two equipped conference-halls for 100 persons each, as well as ventilation system and air heating at its disposal. Expositions mounting is carried out with exhibition equipment of "OCTANORM" system.
The bar and the restaurant, enabling to serve friend meetings - up to 150 places in the restaurant and up to 1000 people in the hall, are situated on the second floor.
Our experience and professionalism allow us to express confidence in fruitful and efficient cooperation with our company.


Capacity of the conference hall - 100 persons
Technique of the conference hall:
  • Multimedia projector TOSHIBA TDP-T355, 3500 ANSI, 1024x768
  • Screen on base (dimensions 1800x1800mm, diagonal 2200 mm)
  • Stationary acoustic system (4x40W)
  • Microphones
  • Internet 256 Kbps
  • Telephone
  • Air-conditioner



  1. Chairs
  2. Communication panel: telephone (RJ-12), Internet (RJ-45), rosette (Euro-220V)
  3. Rostrum
  4. Microphones
  5. Screen on base
  6. Table for presidium
  7. Multimedia projector
  8. Stationary acoustic system


Capacity of the conference hall - 100 persons
Technique of the conference hall:
  • Multimedia projector LG XG22
  • Hanging screen (dimensions 1780x1780mm, diagonal 2200 mm)
  • Stationary acoustic system (4x40W)
  • Microphones
  • Internet 256 Kbps
  • Telephone
  • Air-conditioner



  1. Chairs
  2. Communication panel: telephone (RJ-12), Internet (RJ-45), S-Video, Audio In, rosette (Euro-220V)
  3. Rostrum
  4. Microphones
  5. Stationary hanging screen
  6. Table for presidium
  7. Bedside-table
  8. Stationary acoustic system
  9. Stationary multimedia projector

Alta Expo

Firstly Alta Expo pavilion hosted the III international festival Kievsky Podium in October 2005. After that such big events as national fashion week – Ukrainian Fashion Week - in March 2006, various concert programmes, fashion cruise collections’ competition 10 X 10 - in May 2006, national casting for Miss Universe 2006, gala- fashion-show Grand Defile – in September 2006, UFW – in October 2006 have been held in this multi-purpose pavilion.


Alta Expo pavilion hosted the TV crew of Inter television channel for the shot of famous TV project – Miss Universe, Novyi channel for the shot of a new project – Fashion Office. Besides, the technical abilities of the pavilion, including the powerful optic-fibres also made possible to make live telecasting of the  fashion shows during Ukrainian Fashion Week and the 10 X 10 competition.

Apart from the shot of TV projects the pavilion has all the resources for the most difficult promotion and advertising scenarios’ realization.

The  Alta Expo’s pavilion is situated on adjoining territory to the Alta Center shopping mall. It is convenient enough, so as complex possesses a capacious parking and also a developed infrastructure (services, restaurants and cafe).
At the same time the pavilion, being a detached structure, works irrespective of the shopping mall. External overall dimensions of pavilion are: length - 72 meters, width - 25 meters, height - 12 meters. General area of the pavilion – 1800 sq. m.
The first event the pavilion hosted was the international fashion festival – Kyivsky Podium , held in October 2005.
In March 2006 Alta Expo was the place of the first national fashion week carrying out – Ukrainian Fashion Week. 

The pavilion is equipped with modern systems of electric supply and illumination from the best European manufactures. The total safe load on system of electric supply of the pavilion makes 600 kilowatt per hour that allows to carry out large shows in the pavilion.

The additional equipment of Alta Expo includes:
- concert soundtechnic equipment (total capacity up to 40 kw)
- concert lighting equipment of different configuration (total capacity up to 200 kw)
- podium modules of various height (up to 500 sq.m ) ”super lift“; aluminium farms and scenic construktions of different  configuration;
- exhibition designs of various configuration, exhibition lamps on pins (up to 250 individual items), big complex of electric appliance for the exhibitions;
- steel skeletons for fastening scenery and scenic components;
- chairs ISO (plastic black 900 i. i.), tables for 6-8 persons (50 i.i.), VIP-furniture;
- the equipment for service of modeling shows (arms for clothes- 200i. i., furniture for image-makers and hairdressers (up to 40 workplaces) wall and floor mirrors, mirrors with lamps, ect.)

The range of Alta Expo possibilities is fairly wide. It is absolutely suitable for conducting both the corporative holidays and the high class closed parties and the events of international level.

5 Alta Center’s pavilion can be used for carrying out:
- fashion – shows
- corporate holidays
- festivals
- concert programs
- exhibitions

The examples of hospitality  of the pavilion may be the corporative holidays of such big and famous in this country companies as Foxtrot, Sistema, Textil-Contact, AvtoExpo. The multifunctional technical resources of Alta Expo are proved by the work of numerous professional music and dance collectives. The latter used all the possibilities of the mobile scene constructions, light and sound equipment which proved the readiness of the pavilion for the event of different levels of difficulty and the cooperation  with the mostly exigent performers.
In 2005 Alta Expo pavilion hosted the TV crew of Inter television channel for the shot of famous TV project – Miss Universe.  The technical abilities of the pavilion, including the powerful optic-fibres  also made possible to make live telecasting of the  fashion shows during Ukrainian Fashion Week. For instance, the show-room of Kyivsky Podium was held in Alta Expo and during it the special exhibition equipment was used – the transformed elements and special furniture sets which are included also in the list of multi-purpose Alta Expo equipment.


KyivExpoPlaza exhibition centre

General Venue Info

Site Area
   81,400 sqm
Gross Exhibition Area
   Indoor    Hall 1 - 11,000 sqm
   Hall 2 - 11,000 sqm
   Outdoor    27,200 sqm
Number of Exhibition Halls    2

Exhibition Halls

Hall name
Floor load capacity
Hall 1 11,000 8-10 1,500 (1/4 of the hall -3,000)
Hall 2 11,000 8-10 1,500 (1/4 of the hall -3,000)

Technical Equipment
Each hall has four separate entrances, each with its own loading gates, allowing up to 4 exhibitions to be carried out simultaneously, or for a large exhibition to be split up by product groups into specialized expositions each with its own entrance. All four loading gates facilitate vehicle access.
The exhibitions halls are equipped with a branched supply network for electricity, water, sewage, phone communications, and Internet, allowing connection from any point in the exhibition hall. State-of-the-art climate-control technology integrates heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The halls are designed for minimal sound reverberation, and a fire protection and alarm system is installed. Suspension of decorative materials is possible at any place in the exhibition hall.


Size of exhibition hall
144 x 84 meters
Column grid 12 x 24 meters
Column width 40 x 40 cm
Size of access doors (height x width) 3.6 x 4.5 m

General Congress Capacity Info

Capacity (persons)
Plenary capacity 550
Number of conference rooms 8 (may be modified by mobile walls up to 11)

Congress Rooms
Hall 1

Conference Room
Row Auditorium
Conference Room No.1 90 100 50
Conference Room No.2 140 154 90
Conference Room No.3 140 154 90
Conference Room No.4 155 180 110
Conference Room No.1 + No.2 230 280 120
Conference Room No.1 + No.2 + No.3 371 550 270

Hall 2

Conference Room

Row Auditorium
Conference Room No.1 252 300 140
Conference Room No.2 144 154 90
Conference Room No.3 216 260 110
Conference Room No.4 360 450 220

Technical equipment
Three big conference rooms with mobile walls as well as a small conference room are equipped with high-quality sound and vision equipment, allowing up to 11 different events to take place simultaneously, comfortably accommodating from 50 to 1000 persons. Large congresses can be carried out in the exhibition hall itself.

The PLAZA restaurant is located in the mezzanine of Hall 1 and provides guests with daily lunch buffets. Evening banquets are facilitated for up to 200 persons and buffet receptions for up to 300 persons. It is also possible to arrange larger receptions (up to 1,000 persons) in the exhibition hall. Additional cafes and bars can be installed in the exhibition halls during events. Hall 2 also provides guests with catering facilities.

Special Services
A full range of recommended service companies, including booth design and installation, sign making, flower decoration, catering, interpreting and translation, temporary personnel hiring, etc.
24-hour security service.
A shuttle-bus journey of 4 minutes from a nearby metro station can be arranged for the duration of an event.

Special Features
Bank and ATM in each exhibition hall. Storage area in each exhibition hall.
Advertising opportunities at the exhibition centre area (billboards, citylights) and a billboard network around the city are available to event organizers.

KyivExpoPlaza is located in the Western part of Kyiv, not far from the city centre, near to Nyvky metro station (1.5 km from it) and near to one of the city's main artery roads, Prospect Peremohy. The exhibition centre is convenient to get to from any part of the city.
By car:

  • 15 minutes from the city centre
  • 30 minutes from Zhuliany Airport
  • 60 minutes from Boryspil Airport

By public transport:

  • 10 minutes by metro from the Central Railway Station
  • 4 minutes by shuttle-bus from Nyvky metro station
  • 15 minutes on foot from Nyvky metro station

1500 parking spaces.

Ice Palace Pioneer


Total area: 1300 m2

Ice area: 580 m2

Red Army House

There are 2 halls: for 1000  pers. and 100 persons.


National palace “Ukraine”

It was constructed in 1970 (architects E.Marinchenko, P.Zhilitsky and I.Vayner). The hall is designed for 3780 spectators; in the plan the palace has the form of a trapezoid (sizes 50 on 80 on 90 m, height - 28 m, volume -150.000 sq. m). The scene contains about 1500 persons. The reconstruction of the building was in 1996. Address: 103 V.Vasylkivska St.

National palace “Ukraine” is a state theatrical and entertainment palace which is designed for conducting important
political, cultural and art measures on state and international level. The palace staff involves more than 400 high-skilled
creative people.


Hall of the palace is designed for 3,714 seats and is equipped with contemporary means for conducting:
∙ ceremonial meetings and measures;
∙ congresses;
∙ conferences;
∙ philharmonic and variety concerts;
∙ creative meetings of famous cultural and art people;
∙ demonstration of films;
∙ exhibitions;
∙ festivals and other meetings and activities.

Palace “Ukraine” has wide spacious foyers, bars, a hall for official buffets.



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